I grew up all over the place. But, if I’m asked where my hometown is I would say Dawson Springs Kentucky. That is where I had most of my first experiences. Some of my best memories and some of my worst memories happened there. I was never the popular girl or the pretty girl. As a matter of fact, most people don’t remember me at all. I am a wallflower. I sit back and you really won’t notice me at all. I am a plain Jane. I exist but people don’t seem to notice unless it’s a predator of some sort. I was always an easy target for them. I met my first husband and got pregnant at 15. I felt like I had a protector in him. Predators backed away. I felt safe and loved. A year into our lives together he hit me for the first time. A few years and 3 kids together and he still hadn’t changed. I was a scared little girl again. He abused me in ways the predators never had. He had me convinced he would kill me if I left. It took watching the blade of his knife coming down at me for me to see the truth. If I stayed he would have killed me. So I planned a visit to see my parents an hour away. I knew I couldn’t take much with me. To many belongings and he would never let me go. So, I packed 2 outfits each for me and my 3 kids. He had a friend of his drive us to my parents house and drop us off. I was free. He called the next day to say he was coming to get us. That’s when I told him we wouldn’t be coming back. He threatened to kill me and my parents if I didn’t. He said he was on his way. I was so worried about what he might do but, my daddy hugged me and told me he was going to make a couple calls. He called in the calvary. Several of his friends came over to protect me. When he finally showed up he was met with the sight of several Harleys in the yard and the same number of men before him. They let him know nicely he wasn’t welcome and they would always be around to protect me. He never threatened me again. Now, I was really free. I was a 22 year old single mother of 3 living back at home with my parents. That’s when I really started screwing my life and my kids life up.

This is me
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